Centre Excuse Share a Secret

by coldwarnightlife

Centre Excuse have borrowed a line from Ren & Stimpy for the chorus of their new single, “Joy Joy Joy.”

Björk’s favourite cat and dog act thrilled a generation with the Stinky Wizzleteats classic, “Happy Happy Joy Joy,” and the title phrase became ubiquitous.

How is work? “Happy happy joy joy.”

How is your relationship working out? “Happy happy joy joy.”

Centre Excuse have borrowed it for a sublime piece of indietronica, telling the story of a man with a secretive night life.

The song has synthetic stylings reminiscent of Propaganda, matched with the drive of Ride. It is a development of the Centre Excuse sound, since their more Depeche Mode-influenced “Moon, Sky and Stars.”

The insistent vocals of Teddy Lewis come in after a classic Vince Clarke-style opening, and the hero is impaled on the narrative with barbed guitar licks. Will he go out again? His secret is blown. “Joy…”

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