Chiasm Take It Away with Help from Fryer

by coldwarnightlife

The product of a collaboration between Chiasm and the legendary producer, John Fryer, “Away” is a dramatic but club-friendly single.

Sizzling with tension, it is the soundtrack for a late night, lost in the music while lights flash and bodies surge (on the dancefloor, rather than the streets of LA). Singer Emileigh Rohn and Fryer have constructed a classy, uplifting track that is the antidote to the confinement and chaos of these times.

The revolution might not be televised, but it will be remixed. The single comes with exceptional versions from Interface, Warren Harrison and GW4. On the virtual flip, :10 provide a remix of “Frantic,” another result of the collaboration. Helpfully, the beats make it through even medical-grade masks.

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