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Cold War Night Life is an online magazine dedicated to electronic music and culture. The name has been adopted in tribute to the first album from Canadian synth pioneers, Rational Youth. Sure, you could make “nightlife” one word, but that’s not the way they wrote it.


Submissions of news items and materials for review are always welcome at post@coldwarnightlife.com, but please keep the following thoughts in mind:

  1. We can’t review everything. Chances are that your music is pretty excellent, but we don’t give space to every good release that comes out, even if we dance to it ourselves. Take a look at the bands who have been featured as a guide to the styles of music that we are most interested in writing about. If you have the latest R&B sound, that’s great, but we don’t cover R&B.
  2. You might like Yazoo, and so do we, but that doesn’t mean that we are going to be swayed by PR material comparing you to Yazoo. We like a good story, so if there is one to tell about your band or album, then be sure to include it with your submission, instead of listing your influences.
  3. We don’t reprint press releases. Life and space are both too short. There are plenty of other sites that will be willing to put out the news of the latest developments in your band – some of which we read closely ourselves, but which we don’t intend to emulate.
  4. We prefer to give space to releases from independents or unsigned artists than those coming from major labels. Subject to the points above, don’t think for a moment that your project is too small or obscure to catch our interest. We’ve featured a lot of songs that were recorded by one person in their spare room.
  5. We listen to all of the material that we are sent that appears to meet our editorial requirements, but we can’t reply to all submissions or provide feedback on songs. We’ll let you know if we feature your material, but do understand that we can receive dozens of submissions a day (including a lot of R&B, for some reason – see bullet 1).
  6. If you include a Soundcloud or Bandcamp link, then if we feature your material it can be picked up by HypeMachine and will be seen in their feeds. Youtube is fine, but it shouldn’t be the only link.


We’re pleased to have featured material from contributors such as Jennifer Last, Anders Wickholm, Marija Buljeta, Krichan Wihlborg and others. Writers and photographers interested in contributing are very welcome – write to us at the email address above or at:

Cold War Night Life
Box 242
116 Ballards Lane
London N3 2DN
United Kingdom

Label Enquiries

We’re also a record label. Our first release was Heresy: A Tribute to Rational Youth. Released only as a deluxe 2LP+2CD+Maxi Single set, it featured contributions from Rational Youth themselves, Machinista, Psyche, Robert Enforsen and others. Drop us a line if you are interested in picking up a copy.

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