Depeche Mode Announce Tour/Album

by coldwarnightlife

Sony recording artists, Depeche Mode, have announced a new album and tour. The blues-rock band, which was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2020, told a press conference in Berlin that they will continue as a duo, following the death of Andrew “Fletch” Fletcher earlier this year.

The new album, Memento Mori, takes its name from the Roman-era saying that one should remember one’s mortality. It is still incomplete, but work is continuing in the band’s home base, the United States of America, with producer James Ford. Ford, better known for his work with Arctic Monkeys, Mumford & Sons, and Klaxons, was responsible for the band’s previous Spirit album.

With an invited audience of international journalists in attendance at their press release, Martin Gore (61) and Dave Gahan (60) revealed details of their upcoming tour to their UK PR, Barbara Charone (70). Charone led a discussion about the performance of the Premier League football team, Arsenal, under the guidance of former Manchester City assistant manager, Mikel Arteta Amatriain. They took only a handful of questions, in the time remaining, which led to the revelation that the band is still thinking about playing one of their old songs that Fletcher enjoyed. Gahan also revealed that the act is proud to have brought joy by performing to their fans.

The tour is being handled by the events monopoly, Live Nation, which has been associated with more than “200 deaths and at least 750 injuries since 2006,” according to NPR reports. The company is also being sued in California, Gore’s home state, for antitrust violations.

Depeche Mode’s tour will reach the UK at London’s Twickenham Stadium on 17 June 2023.


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