Jay Wires – Candle in the Night

by coldwarnightlife

New Yorker, Jay Wires, spends his days restoring and dealing in classic synthesizers. He has an EP in the pipeline; which, on the evidence of this first track, will be worth the wait into the late autumn.

Indeed, the seasonal change is the inspiration for “Candle in the Night,” which puts the technician behind the keyboard to map out the transitions from his special place in the Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts. Beginning with a space-age arpeggiator, the track soars with Wires’ vocal lines. Leaves bud, grow, fall, and turn to soil, in a cycle that mirrors the ASDR envelope of the equipment in his studio.

The song is about constancy amidst change, which is worth keeping in mind as the skies turn grey, the leaves decay on the pavement, and the temperature drops to Siberian levels. During such times, everyone needs a little light.

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