The Quad: Four Reasons to Dance in October

by coldwarnightlife

Four top bands have been named for The Quad, a music event in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Taking place on the 25th of October, 2019, The Quad features Page (SE), Cryo (SE), Kårp (SE) and Iris (US). This four-by-four arrangement (four bands, four letters in each band name) sets up a show that will be sure to warm Sweden’s second city as the nights get longer. Each of the featured artists has a strong profile in the electronic music scene, and the event promises to be one of the highlights of the autumn music season.

Tickets are on sale now. A special ticket allows for donation of SEK 44 to the Swedish children’s rights organisation, BRIS.

The show is sponsored by Depeche Mode Party Gothenburg with Cold War Night Life.


The Quad sees the pioneers of poptronica return to Gothenburg with a new album in their pockets.

Fakta för alla [EN: Facts for Everyone] is the most mature and sophisticated of Page recordings to date. With sonic references to Gary Numan and Ultravox, it has the feeling of early Moog-driven classics with a completely up-to-date set of songs by Eddie Bengtsson. It is the point of singularity where 1979 electronics and 2019 melodies merge.

With the art-house glamour of Marina Schiptjenko and the high energy cannonball of Bengtsson on stage, Page will be sure to create a party atmosphere fit for time travelers.


Cryo have their own recent album, The Fall of Man, to show off. A slab of EBM hewn from pure Swedish granite, The Fall of Man is a hard, energetic and intelligent release from the duo of Torny Gottberg and Martin Rudefelt.

Cryo have been at the forefront of Sweden’s EBM scene for years. Their show features Rudefelt as an expressionistic mad scientist, belting out stylish songs while Gottberg hammers out rhythms with the intensity of small arms fire.


Local band, Kårp, are known for their first single, “Therapist.” Their sound has been compared to The Knife and Lykke Li.


The appearance of Iris will be special for Gothenburgers who have appreciated the band’s pop style since their 2000 debut, Disconnect. Now on their sixth album – called Six – the duo of Reagan Jones and Andrew Sega have an impressive catalogue of synthpop material that has won awards in the US.

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