Hey Presto!

by coldwarnightlife

Presto Fervant have been making EBM from their base in a Swedish nuclear bunker on and off since 1989. The duo of Fredrik Lundvall and Ronny Larsson started with contributions to tape compilations and put out a split release with Punch & Judy, but their formal output has been relatively limited.

This is their 20th anniversary, so the duo has planned a live appearance at BodyFest in Stockholm and put out a formidable retrospective.

Evilation 1988-1994 gathers tracks that have seen the light of day before on CD and presses them into grooves on transparent vinyl with blood-like splatters. That is a very good thing for fans of the old-school EBM style, as Presto Fervant have a line in clever, energetic beats and bass lines that is well suited for the turntable.

The material makes great use of samples from films to create atmosphere, and there is is an affinity between some of the material and contemporary Skinny Puppy or Front Line Assembly. The killer, as with all great EBM, though, is the sequencing of the bass, which creates tension and momentum throughout.

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