Linea Aspera Return for UK and European Shows

by coldwarnightlife

One of the best alternative electronic acts ever to emerge from the UK, Linea Aspera, has reunited for concert dates in Europe and the UK.

Hot on the heels of their recent album, Preservation Bias, the duo of Zoè Zanias (Alison Lewis) and Ryan Ambridge have announced a tour with the following dates:

30th of November – Tour à Plomb – Brussels
6th of December – Protocol – Paris
10th of January – Ivory Blacks – Glasgow
11th of January – Electrowerkz – London
17th of January – Fuchs2 – Prague
18th of January – Conne Island – Leipzig

Berlin and other cities to be confirmed & announced soon.

Between 2011 and 2013, Linea Aspera produced dark wave gems faster than Bitcoins can be mined. They flamed out, to the disappointment of fans, and Lewis moved to Berlin to found Keluar with Sid Lamar and advance her solo activity as Zoè Zanias.

Their return is excellent news for those who were there but especially for fans who discovered their music after the event.

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