Twice a Man Announce Compilation

by coldwarnightlife

The legendary Swedish artists, Twice a Man, have announced a new compilation of their work. A three-CD set, Songs of Future Memories (1972-2922), with accompanying book, is now available for pre-purchase with an expected release date in January 2023. The label writes:

“Songs of Future Memories (1982-2022)” is the long overdue second anthology dedicated to the Swedish pioneers of electronic music, TWICE A MAN. On three CDs, the finest tracks from the 14 song albums have been collected and diligently remastered. The 7 instrumental works of the band’s catalogue have been deliberately left out of this project, which is intended to serve as a comprehensive musical guide through the band’s outstanding career spanning over 4 decades of groundbreaking works. In addition to the known material, the band has also added two new tracks.”

The included tracks are:

1. Move
2. Russian Tractors
3. Decay 04:06
4. Goat II
5. Balloons
6. Talking to the Wall
7. Observations From a Borderland
8. Fear
9. Across the Ocean
10. Distant Calls
11. Still in the Air
12. Divided Light
13. Tribal Ways
14. Back on Venus
15. Girl
16. Driftwood
17. Yellow Flowers
18. Crane Dance
19. Speed
20. Reality Built For Two
21. Shivanayama
22. Somebody Sang Your Name
23. Skylark
24. Shoe
25. Tranquil Moonlit Lake
26. Where Are You Now
27. Black
28. Presence
29. High in the Clouds
30. Cocoon 7 (Version)
31. Fireflies
32. Modern World
33. Lotus
34. Dahlia

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