Page Reissue Glad

by coldwarnightlife

Page, the Swedish poptronica pioneers, have reissued their 1995 album, Glad [EN: Happy]. Originally released exclusively on CD, the new version of Glad comes in both vinyl and CD formats; the latter including two bonus tracks from singles released around the time of the original album.

Loaded with fan favourites, Glad was the last album that Marina Schiptjenko took part in before leaving to join the ultrapop band, Vacuum. It took some time; but, thankfully, she rejoined Eddie Bengtsson after a hiatus to record new music and breathe new life into these songs on stage. Today, tracks like “Förlåt” [EM: “Sorry”] and “Står i din väg” [EN: “Stand in Your Way”] are sing-along classics that still get audiences swaying.

Marina Schiptjenko and Eddie Bengtsson

The expected release date is 11 November 2022 via Energy Rekords.

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