Introducing Strikkland

by Krichan Wihlborg

Strikkland (Photo: Krichan Wihlborg)

Strikkland is a new electronic band from western Sweden. Their music is a bit of the harder kind, but there are also calmer songs.

Normally, I never write about new bands, but I believe in this. We have two people who are focused on what they do, and I want to see them live now.

The band consists of two gentlemen, named Henrik J and Henric C.

Four years ago, they started playing for fun. Henric has been playing instruments since he was a kid. They started with software synths, but after a while they got some hardware synths and started to work with those, too.

In 2019, the idea of ​​releasing music to the public came, and in 2020 they started to come up with some songs.

Creating a video was obvious when Henrik works with film production in his daily job.

They’ve released some songs that you can hear on Spotify, and this fall ​​an LP is expected. The disc will be released in physical and digital formats.

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