A Dreampop Stocking Stuffer

by coldwarnightlife

Muricidae, the transcontinental project of John Fryer and Louise Fraser, left something unexpected in our (sheer) Christmas stockings this year – a sweet new release wrapped like a glitterball. More of a dance effort than the hypnotic, dreampop stylings of previous Muricidae releases, “American Dream” maintains the duo’s lush vocal style but gets the hooks into you with a melodic line sharper than a Tom Ford suit and bubbling synths.

It’s no mystery that the sound is crafted by Fryer, the legendary producer of Fad Gadget, Nine Inch Nails and a zillion other bands you’ve definitely heard of. If his earlier band, This Mortal Coil, had been remixed for the dancefloor, this is how it might have turned out. As it is, we’re not drawing lines to other artists, because this release is incomparable.

Out now on iTunes.

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