Kick-Start the Year with Jennie Vee

by coldwarnightlife
Jennie Vee

Jennie Vee produced one of the strongest albums of 2015. Spying came out in October, hot on the heels of Vee’s whirlwind tour of the UK, and it made our Top 15 of 2015 with ease.

At the end of the year, caught up in the holiday rush, was a video release for “Real Eyes,” one of the top album tracks that Vee had showcased in the UK. “I choose isolation,” goes one line, and it’s probably not the Joy Division track Vee has in mind. It’s quality shoegaze/dreampop with a darker feel; and, if you hear the ghosts of Pale Saints or Levitation in the production, that’s the right way to be haunted.

The video features Vee, glitter make-up and the shadows of window shutters a la Tony Scott, as well as a soundtrack to kick-start your year.

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