Announcing Heresy: A Tribute to Rational Youth

by coldwarnightlife

Cold War Night Life (, the online magazine of electronic music and culture, has announced the planned release of a tribute to Rational Youth. Called Heresy, the vinyl and CD package features many of the Canadian synth pioneers’ best-known songs, interpreted by contemporary artists from the UK, Sweden, Australia, Norway, Germany and Canada.

Included in the release will be the premiere of a new track from Rational Youth. “This Side of the Border” is in the classic Rational Youth style and is certain to please existing fans and win new admirers.

Spanning two vinyl LPs and a 12” EP, with two accompanying CDs mirroring the vinyl, all contained in a triple-gatefold sleeve, Heresy will be issued only in physical form – no Spotify, no iTunes, no Google Play. This reflects Cold War Night Life’s philosophy that albums are to be touched, read and heard.

The album is expected to be released close to the New Year.

The featured artists and tracks are:

    • Rational Youth – “This Side of the Border”
    • Candide – “City of Night (CET Mix)”
    • Rossetti’s Compass – “Coboloid Race”
    • Johan Baeckström – “Saturdays in Silesia”
    • Psyche – “Ring the Bells”
    • Kord feat. Annie Gylling – “Dancing on the Berlin Wall”
    • Independent State – “Beware the Fly”
    • Den Där Killen – “In Your Eyes”
    • Procedure – “Close to Nature (No TDM Mix)”
    • Parralox – “I Want to See the Light”
    • John Costello – “Holiday in Bangkok (Direkt Mix)”
    • Diskodiktator – “Talk to Me (I’m Only Human)”
    • Mars TV feat. Robert Enforsen & Karin My – “Just a Sound in the Night”
    • Project Grudge – “Beware the Fly”
    • Technomancer feat. Angst Pop – “I’ve Got a Sister in the Navy”
    • Machinista – “City of Night”
    • Rekk feat. Robert Enforsen & Karin My – “The Man in Grey”
    • Datafreq vs The Beautiful Spies – “Everything Is Vapour (Future Spy Remix)”
    • Touching the Void – “Ring the Bells”

Ordering information will be available soon.

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