Krautrock Legend Moebius Dies

by coldwarnightlife

Michael Rother, the collaborator of Dieter Moebius, has announced his passing this evening.

The name of Dieter Moebius is inseparable from the history of post-war European electronic and experimental music. In 1969, he founded Kluster together with Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Conrad Schnitzler in West Berlin. The group came together in the Charlottenburg social scene, and after a short rehearsal they famously played a twelve-hour show. With time, Kluster became Cluster (with the departure of Schnitzler), then Harmonia (with the addition of Michael Rother of Neu!), and collaborations with the likes of Brian Eno, Holder Czukay and Conny Plank saw additional evolution of both organisation and form.

Although Cluster reformed in 2007, by 2010 it was off again and Moebius put his focus onto his solo work and a series of collaborations. His death follows the untimely passing of friend and producer, Conny Plank (pictured together with Moebius in the main photo).

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