All Is Good with DAF

by coldwarnightlife

The members of DAF have announced that they have resolved their differences, and that DAF will continue to perform live for the foreseeable future. Their current set of dates had been billed, informally, as a farewell tour, but both Robert Görl and Gabi Delgado have posted to their Facebook followers that there is more DAF to come. Delgado wrote:

Late News…Good News…
Robert Goerl & Gabi Delgado have agreed to carry on with the DAF project !!! Amigos Freunde Friends you can look forward to more exciting DAF concerts in the next years !!!
I am very happy that everything is sorted out now !!!
Immer weiter bis zum sieg – hasta la victoria siempre……
DAF fuer immer !!!

Both Görl and Delgado have solo projects, besides their DAF collaboration. Görl is writing his memoirs and has a new solo album in the pipeline, while Delgado has been busy making dance music. The news of their continued cooperation will be warmly received by their fans.

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