Rational Youth and Psyche Unveil a Secret

by coldwarnightlife

Canadian synthpop heroes, Rational Youth, and expatriate darkwave masters, Psyche, have joined forces for a cover of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck.” The idea first took shape when the bands toured the Nordics, earlier this year, and is realised with the release of a 7″ single on Artoffact.

News of the collaboration led to Rational Youth receiving hate mail and being on the wrong end of criticism from American radio stations, who deemed the song, which is used in hockey arenas, “untouchable.” Video footage of an early performance in Sweden was widely shared, and the controversy even made it to the Spanish edition of Rolling Stone. The English-language edition should pay attention now, because on first hearing the cover is respectful to the original, while infused with the unmistakable styles of Tracy Howe and Darrin Huss.

Both singers also appear on the flip side, a new song called “Underrated.” Because they are.

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