A Split Second: Living with Rigor Mortis

by coldwarnightlife

A Split Second had success with a number of hard-edged singles in the 1980s. Tracks like “Rigor Mortis,” “Flesh” and “Mambo Witch” were standard equipment for any DJ working an alternative dancefloor. Like Front 242, A Split Second was one of the first generation of EBM artists to emerge from Belgium, working heavy beats and sequencer patterns into a darker form of poptronica. Their style gave rise to the New Beat movement, in which electronic tracks were slowed down using pitch control on turntables, but A Split Second tracks have also been remixed in a trance style by Paul Oakenfold. In this exclusive interview with CWNL’s Anders Junfjärd, Marc Heyndrickx of the influential band talks about the music that inspired him and the band’s plans for the future.

As a reminder of A Split Second’s singular style, revisit the video for “Flesh” below:

This is their video for “Colonial Discharge”:

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