Page Add Numan Collaborators to New Album

by coldwarnightlife
En ny våg
Page by Simon Helm

Page (Photo: Simon Helm)

Page, the Swedish poptronica pioneers, have announced a new album. En ny våg [EN: A New Wave] features contributions from Chris Payne and Rrussell Bell, two icons of Synth Britannia who accompanied Gary Numan through his early successes and were members of Dramatis. Payne, of course, is also known as the co-writer of “Fade to Grey,” which Midge Ure made into a hit for Visage.

En ny våg further refines the sound that Eddie Bengtsson has been distilling with his Moogs; concentrating the feel of 1978-1980 into serious but melodic poptronica. Ever since he traded in his drum kit for two synthesisers, inspired by Silicon Teens, Bengtsson has been crafting exceptional pop material. Together with Marina Schiptjenko, the duo has carved a path that keeps the flame of that period alive and in tune with the times.

The first song to be revealed from the album is “Vi kommer tillbaka” [EN: “We Are Coming Back”]. The album is released in CD and vinyl formats on 29 September 2023.

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