Lonelyklown – All the Summers Gone

Track of the Day (29 August 2023)

by coldwarnightlife

Remember what summers were like when you were a kid? They never seemed to end, and the blue skies were a revelation after three other seasons spent locked inside a classroom. When you got a little older, it was when you could meet other kids of whichever sex appealed to you. As August came around, the weather cooled appreciably, and it became possible to wear jeans and jumpers without sweating to death. There was the excitement of a new school year approaching, but also a sense of loss because the best weather and the greatest freedom was behind you. Time to get a new pencil case, but also to say goodbye to the hang-outs with your new friends.

The new single from Dave Baker’s Lonelyklown project traces these feelings from an adult perspective. “All the Summers Gone” combines the senses of longing and loss with appreciation for the memories in the way that Baker does best without becoming overly sentimental (see: I Start Counting). Yes, there were 99 Flakes, cricket and contrails, but also sounds and sights that won’t be repeated. Savour them.

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