He Takes Pictures: Brian Griffin Announces Depeche Mode Book

by coldwarnightlife

Brian Griffin, the world-famous photographer, has announced a crowdfunding campaign for his new book, MODE. Gathering his pictures from the band’s first five albums and promotional materials — including some versions that have never been published before — MODE promises to be the definitive collection of the band’s early images.

Appearing together with his collaborator, Vaughn George, Griffin recently announced the book and Kickstarter on Youtube. Fans, who have been waiting for decades for Griffin to focus on the boys from Basildon, were invited to commit to buy a signed copy of the book, which will include a list of supporters. Other options include premium prints of Griffin’s images and a boxed edition with a gelatin print.

Griffin’s cover shot for A Broken Frame appeared on the front cover of Life magazine’s special issue, The World’s Best Photographs, 1980-1990. One of the most iconic images associated with Depeche Mode, it was shot in a grain field in rural England during a break from a storm. It could be put down to luck, had Griffin not gone on to shoot the magic, mountainous cover of Construction Time Again with just as much artistry.

Griffin’s last album cover for Depeche Mode was Black Celebration. He went on to have a career in video, and the promotional video for “Only When I Lost Myself” was one of the most unique for the band.

The cut-off for the Kickstarter is 16 June 2023.

We asked Griffin a few questions, on the back of the announcement:

What is your favourite Depeche Mode song?

Only When I Lose Myself.

What inspires you about Depeche Mode?


What is your favourite moment in the book?

The story about the making of “Only When I Lose Myself.”


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