Don’t Fear the Reeder

by coldwarnightlife
Mark Reeder and Alanas Chosnau by Martin Goodacre

The Cold War is back, and that puts Mark Reeder squarely in his comfort zone. Having spent his adulthood at Ground Zero in Berlin, waiting for SS20s and Pershings to stop the party, the electronic artist has moved from pulling cultural pranks on the East German authorities to writing pop with Lithuania’s Alanas Chosnau. The duo’s second album together, Life Everywhere, is out just in time for the deployment of a new generation of hypersonic missiles.

With influences from Gus Gus (“Life Everywhere”) to New Order (“Ice”) on display, Life Everywhere is positioned in a pop tradition, which these days makes it practically subversive. Chosnau, one of the best known Lithuanian singers, ably provides the vocals over Reeder’s synthetic instrumentation. Turn it up to drown out the rhythm of small arms fire.

Out now on Bandcamp and your favourite streaming service.

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