Delerium Revisited and Remastered

by coldwarnightlife

Originally a side project for the members of Front Line Assembly, who had more than the hard electronics of Total Terror up their sleeves, Delerium swiftly developed a life of its own. Things really took off with the Y2K hit, “Silence,” which featured fellow-Canadian, Sarah McLachlan, on vocal duty. It went to number one in Ireland by itself; but, with a remix by Tiesto, it went on to sell by the container load.

Metropolis Records has announced the release of the first seven Delerium albums in remastered form. From the experimental and Cabaret Voltaire-influenced Faces, Forms and Illusions (1989) to the confident, downtempo global rave instrumentals of Spheres II (1994), the gathered material demonstrates the creativity that was building up on Canada’s left coast during this period. Some of the earlier material borrows from the found-sound tape cut up style of industrial music, while making use of heavy-duty beats and breaks, but it quickly evolves into dark ambient brooding with world music textures. The early- and mid-period Delerium reflected in these recordings absorbed the spirit of exploration that came before the commercialisation of the public internet; and the commercial potential of the material was not yet evident. Listened to in sequence, there is an evidence progression in style but no regression in quality.

Out from 6 May 2022 on Metropolis: Faces Forms and Illusions; Morpheus; Syrophenikan; Spiritual Archives; Stone Tower; Spheres; Spheres II.

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