Dubstar’s Investment in Token Pays Off

by coldwarnightlife
;Dubstar (Photo Andy Earl)

Dubstar are back with a new album, Two. It comes on the heels of One, which saw Sarah Blackwood and Chris Wilkie reunited to hammer out dreampop hits with the classic Dubstar vibe.

The first single from Two is “Token,” a banger that takes over from the Pet Shop Boys just before the point where they started singing the Yellow Pages. Produced by Stephen Hague, who has his own history with the PSB, as well as Dubstar, “Token” captures the post-lockdown spirit with its sense of renewal. Uplifting and energetic, it is a club track to sing along to.

Blackwood’s vocals are as smooth as ever, and the re-energised instrumentation hints at great things from Two. Sorry, Chris and Neil, but your position has gone to Chris and Sarah.

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