Freudian Geology: Dubstar Release “Tectonic Plates”

by coldwarnightlife

Dubstar, the duo of Sarah Blackwood and Chris Wilkie, are back with new material.  “Tectonic Plates” is their first release since last year’s “Hygiene Strip” and “I Can See You Outside” singles, which were also produced by the studio legend, Stephen Hague.

Although styled to resemble a geology lesson, “Tectonic Plates” is actually about boy-meets-girl passion. Or, at least, that’s where our minds are. The cover image isn’t the first time that the Dubstar team have hinted at the defining parts of the female body in their graphics, and their cheeky invitation to plunge into lava wouldn’t get past Dr Freud. We could be wrong but hope that we aren’t.

The song has the melodic flow that we have come to expect from Dubstar. Blackwood’s vocals are teasing and innocent, while Wilkie’s guitar resonates over a driving rhythm. In nature, tectonic plates move slowly but with insistent pressure. The pace of this single is a little more rapid, but it has to do in 3:34 what can take centuries at Thingvellir.

A new Dubstar album is under development.

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