Like Tears in the Rain: Chosnau and Reeder

by coldwarnightlife

Mark Reeder started making (brave new) waves in Berlin soon after he arrived in the decadent Western sector. As documented in B-Movie, the Mancunian exile absorbed and reflected the spirit of the Cold War from both sides of the wall.

As the main point of contact for Factory Records in Germany, Reeder subverted NATO with Joy Division concerts and enriched the Warsaw Pact with punk masses.

Reeder maintained his links with the members of Joy Division after the tragic loss of Ian Curtis and their rebirth as New Order. He is particularly close to Bernard Sumner, with whom he has collaborated on several projects, and is one of New Order’s go-to remixers.

Reeder’s current project is a collaboration with Alanas Chosnau, the Lithuanian singer.  Children of Nature contains the fruits of their meeting at a film festival in Chosnau’s Baltic home country, where he has a high profile as the singer of the post-Soviet pop act, Naktinės Personos.

Children of Nature combines their individual instincts for pop music and social commentary. The new video for “Heavy Rainfall,” one of the stand-out tracks on the album, shows off Reeder’s studio sensibilities and Chosnau’s smooth vocals.

With Children of Nature, the two songwriters have managed to create an impressive and indelible work for 2020.

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