A Note for Readers

by coldwarnightlife

Dear Readers and Friends,

This year is not turning out the way we expected. Some researchers and health professionals anticipated the events we are living through, but governments failed to heed their warnings and prepare for a public health emergency. We are now reaping the whirlwind sowed by “austerity” policies.

Many of us are living under conditions of curfew; called “lock-down” or “staying at home.” The best scientific information is that these measures are required to slow the spread of the virus, but it means the cancellation of shows for many months. For promoters, venues, artists and the staff who make their living working events, this has given rise to an immediate economic crisis.

At Cold War Night Life, we support the following immediate measures to assist culture workers affected by the pandemic and lock-down:

  • full compensation for culture workers who have lost their livelihoods
  • financial support for culture workers who were self-employed
  • suspension of rent and mortgage payments during the period of lock-down
  • state commissioning and sponsorship of art, in order to provide a livelihood for artists and the production of cultural material to support the people who are living under lock-down

Tours might be cancelled but not 2020. Through acts of social solidarity – such as buying music on bandcamp,com – fans can directly help artists to sustain themselves during this time. If you can, use that channel to help artists and get some great music. If you agree with them, we also suggest raising the bulleted items above with your respective governments. Let them know that bailing out airlines, car manufacturers and hotel chains isn’t your priority; the support of culture is.

Stay safe and positive!


PS: To get you started, here are some links to the Bandcamp pages of some of the artists we cover:

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