Pieces of Juno Reveals First Song from Euthymia

by coldwarnightlife
Euthymia by Pieces of Juno

Juno Jensen (Photo: Cecilia Riis Kjeldsen)

Pieces of Juno is the project of Norway’s Juno Jensen.

“Wake Me Up” is the first track to be revealed from her forthcoming album, Euthymia. Recorded in an empty swimming pool for extra reverb, Jensen describes the song as being about “following one’s own truth and to find a stillness in being, to let go.

Euthymia is a word derived from the Greek for “well” and “soul.” In the mental health field, it is used to describe the state of balance between the highs and lows of those with bipolar disorder.

As we have seen throughout the album cycle that began with Kalopsia and comes to an end with the release of the new album on 27 March 2020, Jensen’s interests lie in the states of the mind. We read “Wake Me Up” as being about the relationship between self-control and vulnerability. The balance is where happiness is found:

I open my eyes
I open my mind
I open my soul to you
And hope you’ll love me
I open my body
To whatever may happen
I open my heart
To whomever may enter

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