Inside the Matrix with Rein

by coldwarnightlife

Rein has dropped the video for her current single, “Closer to Nature,” and it is an intense ride.

Made together with Fredric Posé, the clip shows Rein being bound, scanned and jacked into machines by a faceless system. The Swedish hard dance specialist breaks away, with soldiers in pursuit; presumably to rally fans to the dancefloor and complete the next stage of her development.

When Rein headlined TEC 006 in London, she showed some of the steps in her reinvention. What is emerging is an artist who can write exceptional songs and turn them into movies with  clarity of vision rarely seen on the electronic music scene. Her fusion of pop and EBM influences avoids the predictability of both genres.

We would like to see Rein directed by Luc Besson next, but Rein has her own schedule: she appears at the sold out Resistanz Festival in Sheffield on 12 April 2020.

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