FRKTL Live in London

by coldwarnightlife
Sarah Badr

Sarah Badr’s FRKTL project lands in London this weekend for a special DJ performance.

The international digerati struggle to keep up with Badr, who has called London, Cairo and Berlin home. Surfing the digital stream, she has most recently been spotted connecting from Latvian forests.

She has left the pines and birch to play at a mini-festival of experimental music. While we wait for a live FRKTL performance next year, she has two tracks from her forthcoming album available now. “Eigenspace” and “Fire Upon the Deep,” are available on Soundcloud.

FRKTL ◡ Aircode ◡ Dilian ◡ Jaeho Hwang ◡ TZT + takes place on Sunday, 22 September 2019 at The Glove That Fits, 179 Morning Lane, London, starting at 18:30.

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