Linea Aspera – Preservation Bias

by coldwarnightlife
Photo of Linea Aspera

Linea Aspera lived only from 2011-2013, but the star that shone half as long shone twice as bright.

The duo of Alison Lewis (Zoe Zanias) and Ryan Ambridge issued only a few recordings, but for a brief moment they were the most exciting new act on British soil. One of the few bands to use the classic, cheap but hard-to-program Kory Poly 800, Linea Aspera made hard, minimal electronics that seared the soul. Lewis’ vocals penetrated the skin with razor-like precision, getting to the meat of the matter over heavy-duty beats.

Out now is an album collecting material from their posthumous cassette release and other deep cuts. The title track is a reminder of what we have been missing.

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