Black Needle Noise – I’ll Give You Shape

by coldwarnightlife

John Fryer’s Black Needle Noise project is prolific, as the legendary studio man teams up with singers to create new material.

Fryer’s most recent collaboration is with a revolting cock. Well, Chris Connelly was a Revolting Cock, but he has also fronted Finitribe and worked with Ministry, PTP, Pigface, KMFDM, Acid Horse and others.

These days, Connelly is doing as turn as the successor to David Bowie; channelling the Thin White Duke. For “I’ll Give You Shape,” he has dialled down the Ziggy and taken a prompt from BNN’s previous turns

Fryer’s instrumentation is typically dark and heavy. Notes are drawn out for maximum tension, while guitars infused with Americana and machine-gun snare knocks create a sense of menace.

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