TEC004: Waveforms for the Guy

by coldwarnightlife

Kid Kasio

Bonfire Night is a good time to hold TEC004. The event, curated by The Electricity Club, avoids apple-bobbing and effigy-burning; bringing the fireworks indoors for the fans of electronic music assembled in Norwich’s Epic Studios.

First up is Rodney Cromwell, who delivers a set of New Order-inspired tracks. We get “Fax Message Breakup” and “Barry Was an Arms Dealer” – songs that reflect a sense of humour as well as melody. Kid Kasio follow, borrowing phrasing from Depeche Mode tracks for a set of danceable poptronica.



Headliners Marsheaux come to TEC004 with a new album under their belt, and they aren’t shy about showing it off. After last year’s remake of Depeche Mode’s A Broken Frame, they have focused on original material, and Ath.Lon is a dynamic, dancefloor-oriented set, full of references to Suicide, The Cure and the boys from Basildon.

They get the crowd moving with a blistering set. Marianthi Melitsi and Sophie Sarigiannidou work the audience up-front, while their partners develop the live mix in the second echelon under a video backdrop that looks like it was lifted from Anton Corbijn’s personal collection. The great thing about Marsheaux is that they have fun performing, and the audience cannot help feeling the same way.

TEC004 ends with a bang. The apple-bobbers out in the rain have missed an event hotter than any bonfire.

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