Rational Youth Reveal “Western Man”

by coldwarnightlife

Rational Youth still write melodic electronic music with infectious hooks. That makes the legendary Canadian band something of a rarity, in a world where wannabe DJs and flesh-baring attention-seekers get all the airtime.

Their latest offering is a 12” EP, loaded with new songs and a cover of Psyche’s “Unveiling the Secret.” There’s not a nipple in sight and no Boiler Room shenanigans – just catchy poptronica. There aren’t many other songwriters who can turn them out like Tracy Howe, and the arrival of Future Past Tense is more of a distraction than the latest selfie from Jeezus’ wife.

The track we can share today is “Western Man,” a politically-charged piece for the end of the empire. Howe’s never compromised on either the music or the message, and he’s in top form here.


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