Electronic Summer: Sturm Café

by Jennifer Last

EBM stalwarts, Sturm Café, have kept the flame burning for the classic body style, but their sound has evolved since So Seelisch, So Schön. Their new album, Europa!, incorporates pop stylings that update and refresh the template. We stopped the beatbox long enough to get them to give us a hint about their show.

What can the audience expect from your concert at Electronic Summer 2015?

Two happy guys, a lot of movie samplings, synth carpets and with a glance at the past.

What do you expect from the audience?

We expect a pretty mixed crowd. Probably a lot of known faces from way back, but also some new, curious music souls.

Is there any band in this years line-up that you look forward to seeing live?

Not really, since we’re not familiar with any of the bands who plays on the Saturday. Maybe it’ll be a positive surprise.

From where do you get your strongest influences?

We used to listen a lot to bands like DAF, Liaisons Dangereuses, Keine Ahnung and Nitzer Ebb in our teens when we formed Sturm Café in 2001. Today, we mostly find our inspiration in Austrian youth movies from the 80s, analogical music productions, echoes from snare drums, FM synthesis, John Steiner and European history.

What are your previous experiences in playing live?

We only have positive experiences in playing live in Gothenburg. This will be our seventh show in the city, but the first one since 2009 so it’ll be great to see some old acquaintances and friends.

Is there anything you’re particularly nervous of?

Since we’re the first band who hit the stage, there’s always a fright that people hasn’t gotten in the right mode just yet. On the other hand, it’s quite nice to get the show over with so that we can mingle the rest of the evening.

When should people optimally see you on stage?

They should see us when we play an intimate club in Germany, which often delivers a good ambience. German people are generally dedicated and serious, which we highly appreciate.

When is it most suitable to listen your music?

Maybe in couch with a cognac hive after a hard work week. Or in the car when you’re crossing the Oresund bridge heading towards new adventures. Or at a disco, for that matter.

If Sturm Café were on a dating site, what would the profile say?

Precocious, from Gästrikland, chilly edges but with a warm core, with a sense for the rational. Not for everyone.

If you would do a cover, right here, right now, which song would you choose and why?

Most likely a song by Heino. Partly because it’s good, and partly because the German audience would like it.

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