Twice a Man to Curate “Warm Wave” Event

by coldwarnightlife

Sweden’s Twice a Man have a new album on the way and plans for a unique “Warm Wave” event in May.

One of Europe’s most respected electronic bands, the duo of Dan Söderqvist and Karl Gasleben recently expanded to include former member Jocke Söderqvist for the thirtieth anniversary of their pioneering album, From a Northern Shore. They will be in Gothenburg to host “A Warm Wave Concert” on 29 May 2015. A Stockholm show will take place on the following day.

Featured artists for the event include Argentina’s Vólkova, Sweden’s Red Mecca and Alvar, and Keluar from Berlin, as well as the hosts. They explain the unifying theme for the evening:

The concept of Warm Wave was originally coined by César Canali (Vólkova) and Chris Inlaw in front of the release Not so Cold, “A Warm Wave Compilation”.

In the early 80´s when Twice a Man initiated their music style in Scandinavia, many critics and others, blamed the band for playing dark, depressive music and gave the name “Cold Wave” to their genre, picking on that synthesizers were not real instruments. “You just push buttons”. Obviously we have kept pushing those buttons, because we are passionate in what we do and have love for our music, so after all we are “Not so Cold”.

Facebook event page:

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