Erasure Reveal “Sacred” Remixes

by coldwarnightlife

After the brilliance of “Reason,” Erasure’s Violet Flame provides more winter illumination with “Sacred.” The third single from their current album, it’s a spark of elegance, fanned into a trancetastic frenzy in this sample from Chris Cox’s remixing desk.

The single comes with the following remixes:

– Sacred (Single Mix)
– Sacred (Chris Cox Remix)
– Sacred (Vibora Park Remix)
– Sacred (Black Light Odyssey Remix)
– Sacred (Rich B & Phil Marriott Remix)
– Sacred (Chris Cox Dub Mix)
– Sacred (88Ninety’s StellarMix8 Vox Remix)
– Sacred (Blend Remix Competition Winner TBA)
– Sacred (Live Rehearsal Version)

For those who prefer physical product, note that Lexer will be the exclusive outlet. The release date is 16 March 2015, unless you are in North America, which gets access a day later.

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