Stomp! The Sound of Container 90

by coldwarnightlife
Container 90

These boots were made for dancing. The stomp of DMs to old school EBM fills the new album from Container 90 – AirWare soles lending bounce to the Swedish duo’s latest offering.

Grand PrixXx is the fourth studio album from Ronny Larsson and Jonas Rundberg. It contains some previous single releases, as well as new sounds to bring the train of sequenced bass further along the tracks. As usual, it takes extra motor power from the band’s no-nonsense, anti-fascist politics. From the opening “Eurovision Song Protest” to the Test Dept-esque “New World Disorder,” there are no punches pulled in the lyrics or the rhythms.

When you live in a society where the second largest political party (by votes) is led by synth-loving fascists, programming the machines to fight back makes all kinds of sense. In lieu of a regular package, Container 90 offer a sixteen-page comic book that has content for each song.  In a time of universal streaming, that is a revolutionary act.

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