London Date for Lonelyklown

by coldwarnightlife

Dave Baker is preparing to take his Lonelyklown project live in London. The I Start Counting/Fortran 5/Komputer front man has been lined up to play the Black Heart in Camden on Saturday, the 24th of September. Also on the bill are Mechanical Cabaret and DeadAudioSaints.

Baker recently released the debut Lonelyklown album, Funny Sunday Morning. One of the first-wave of Mute artists, Baker knows his way around eclectic electronics and infectious melodies, which he has wrapped in a 1970s finish. We caught up with him with a few questions about this new work.

What is the inspiration for the Lonelyklown project?

Lockdowns, long walks, nature, swans, pigeons, cats, skies, dusk, in-between times, relaxation, vintage analogue synths, the 1970s. Everything in the lyrics to “My Favourite Letter is You.”

You have mostly worked solo on these songs. Is it very different after all the years with your musical partner, Simon Leonard?

In some ways it is harder, as I have to be my own quality control. But also it is easier, as there are no expectations or blueprints.

Every project we have worked on was different, and we worked in different ways, so it just followed on from that.

“Everything I Try to do is Wrong” was put forward as a Komputer song, initially, but rejected by Simon. He said that I could have it.

In terms of instrumentation, what equipment did you use to make this album?

Composed in my head, then on piano, then mostly old school gear: Korg MS20, Yamaha CS30, Roland 100m, Roland VP 330, Roland SH101, Korg Poly 800, EMU E5000 sampler, Doepfer Dark Energy, Microkorg, Yamaha P60 Digital Piano, Gibson Epiphone guitar, Ableton Live.

What has been the reaction to the new material?

“Follow THIS ARTIST! A modern day Burt Bacharach!”

“We’re still bathing in the awesome sounds of the Lonelyklown album, Funny Sunny Evening. Beautiful sounds with a voice like a bar of Galaxy Chocolate!”

“A one-man Mike Oldfield!”

What should the audience expect at your live show?

A nervous clown.

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