Melisha – They Say

by coldwarnightlife

Do you believe the positive messages in Internet memes? Do you think that you can manifest what you desire through your emotions?

Melisha’s latest track is here to disabuse you. In psychology, “magical thinking” is what they call the belief that you can control the world with your mind. The Swedish artist isn’t down with the lies of “toxic positivity.” “They Say” is about a harsh reality: you aren’t going to realise your dreams by dreaming.

That’s actually a positive message. You can only control what you can control, so don’t get frustrated fighting against what is real. The fact that the song comes with smooth vocals and a lovely pop texture makes the truth easier to take.

This is the latest of Melisha’s disciplined programme of monthly releases. There are plenty more to explore in her catalogue, including the delightful “Fly on My Wall” to entertain and educate you.

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