Page Remain on the Bleeding Edge of Pop

by coldwarnightlife

Page, the Swedish poptronica pioneers, have revealed a striking new EP.

Page preparing for a show in Gothenburg

The title track, “Blutest du,” is a German rendering of the song, “Blöder du,” from their current album, Fakta för alla.

Released in a limited edition of 300 copies, the EP also contains an English-language version of “Start,” a cover of Gary Numan’s “Tracks,” and a new instrumental. “Saint Anastase” is named for the street address in Paris of the modern art gallery, Andrehn-Schiptjenko, which is co-owned by Marina Schiptjenko.

Page have released material in English before, but this marks their first foray into German. Like ABBA and Kraftwerk, in whose shadows Page was founded, the duo have discovered that switching languages is not only a way to reach broader audiences; it is also an opportunity to play with the context of a song.

The results are engaging. Page have been moving in the direction of the electronic sound from 1977-1980 for some time, and the shift to German places them firmly in Conny Plank’s kitchen studio.

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