DAF – Live at Rox Box (1986)

by coldwarnightlife

DAF reshaped German electronic music as punks with synthesizers; creating three concise, elemental albums for Virgin before going on the run.

They didn’t live in the shadows, like Baader-Meinhof. Gabi Delgado made a Latin-flavoured solo album for their label, while Robert Görl returned to Mute to make shimmering electropop with help from Annie Lennox.

As the 80s went on, they got back together to make dance music for the clubs; reinventing DAF as a hi-NRG act. With tracks like “Brothers” and a rebooted “Absolute Body Control,” they revved up drum machines for the black leather set.

In this clip from Belgium’s Rox Box, the pair were captured at a PA and given a chance to explain their views on “DAF, sex and mix.”


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