Karin Park in the Church of Imagination

by Krichan Wihlborg

I am sitting in the car for a trip to Karin Park in Dalarna.

I come to the small village where she lives and see a beautiful wooden building that used to be a church. I am received by Karin and her daughter, who welcome me in.

Once inside the nave of the church, you see a lot of instruments – and, of course, the church organ – but the magical room with synths, from the 70s until today, is found up a staircase.

Karin goes to change, and I stand in a room with a fantastic light – a pure dream for a photographer. It strikes me that, in this room, you can create incredible music and such possibilities.

Karin grew up in the village, but for several years she managed to log time in some big cities and countries before returning here with her husband, who is also a musician from Norway.

Karin recently released a new album, Church of Imagination; and on it, as usual, you will hear Karin’s most beautiful singing voice and well-composed music.

If you have missed her music, go listen and buy her records.

Today, we need to support our artists when they can’t play live (and this applies to all other artists too)!

Why did I visit Karin in her church?

As many of you know, I photograph. I wanted to photograph Karin Park in her home environment off-stage. At the same time, I want to help her reach more people with her music. Since she has an incredibly good singing voice, I want her to continue as an artist after this historical year. So, if you like electronic pop music, you should really give her an opportunity.

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