We Are All Kloner

by coldwarnightlife

Page, the Swedish poptronica pioneers, have unwrapped the first single from their forthcoming album.

“Kloner” [EN: “Clones”] isn’t a cover of the Alice Cooper song but it does have the feeling of 1980s poptronica. With classic Moog sounds and Eddie Bengtsson’s talent for spellbinding hooks, it is a new wave gem for 2019.

Introduced with piano and infused with Moog filters, the influences of Dramatis, Gary Numan and Ultravox are evident. The brooding, gliding sounds of Moog oscillators are timeless, and Bengtsson’s vocal lines are pure ‘tronica heaven. No one else is making music like this today, and “Kloner” leaves Synthwave clone bands gasping in their cyan-magenta mist.

The track is up on Spotify now.

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