Hafdis Huld – Take My Breath Away

by coldwarnightlife

Originally performed by Berlin, “Take My Breath Away” was co-written by Giorgio Moroder and is the sonic embodiment of the 1980s.

Hafdis Huld, the former Gus Gus singer, has been charting her own course for more than two decades. With her new album, Variations, Huld has drawn on a selection of hits to cover in her own style.

The tracks selected include songs made famous by Dolly Parton, The Real Thing and Haddaway, among others.

In Huld’s hands, “Take My Breath Away” acquires a folk-like patina that is warm and inviting. It’s a simple and great love song even without the soaring synth pads that made it an essential part of the Top Gun soundtrack.

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