Elegant Machinery Are Back

by coldwarnightlife

Elegant Machinery are a legendary poptronica act from Helsingborg. Of all the acts that emerged in the 1990s, they came the closest to claiming the title, “Sweden’s Depeche Mode.”

Fronted by Robert Enforsen, a charismatic and theatrical singer, the trio beat Madonna in the Spanish charts and earned an international reputation. Then, after a successful show, Robert was unexpectedly handed the band name and a compelling musical legacy.

There were some attempts to regroup, but the moment had passed. Rather than put Elegant Machinery in a museum, Enforsen has rebuilt the band with founding member Leslie Bayne and Renate producer, Jonas Kröjtz.

At the end of 2016, they tentatively issued an EP, I, which has been given a fuller release by Elektro-Shock Records. How it managed to escape our attention back in the autumn is a great question: from the lead track, “I Say,” it’s a great collection of poptronica with a classic feel.

Enforsen puts in a solid turn on “Shut Up (And Take My Money),” and it’s great to hear Sandra Reiche joining the proceedings. If this is the kind of material that we can expect from the new incarnation of Elegant Machinery, then it’s all good.

Elegant Machinery on Bandcamp: https://elegantmachinery.bandcamp.com/releases

I at Elektro-Shock-Records: http://electroshockrecords.tictail.com/product/elegant-machinery-i-one-epsingle-cd-strictly-limited-edition

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