Page Don’t Quit

by coldwarnightlife

Page are Sweden’s original poptronica band. Founded when Eddie Bengtsson traded in his drum kit for a couple of monophonic synths, Page’s melodic signature has been a key feature of the Nordic electronic music scene for more than three decades. In that time, the line-up has sometimes changed, as have the commercial fortunes of the band, but the arrival of a new Page release is still a reason for excitement.

“Lägger Av” (Energy Rekords) doesn’t break the mould. Upbeat, Moog-driven, singalong pop is what a Page single should sound like. It’s music for parties, driving with the roof down and catching the eye of someone cute. The gloom of a Swedish winter cannot penetrate the harmonies and handclaps.

That’s a theme taken more literally in the virtual flip track, “Det Syns Ingen Snö.” A remake of an early Page favourite, this is a bouncy and punchy update from Bengtsson. First rolled out in a live setting in 2014, the “Music Lover’s Version” begs for remix treatment and release as a 12″ single. Marina Schiptjenko’s synth lines could eat most dance music for breakfast, while Bengtsson has transformed the song into an uplifting, romantic classic.

There are two other tracks on the release, including a version of “Sånt Som Inte Går” by Johan Baeckström and an industrial remix of “Spottar Långt” by Covenant’s Joakim Montelius. They apply very different treatments to the raw material, which makes for interesting listening. At this pace, the forthcoming Page album might be the first to invite its own remix companion.

DJs of the world, take note.

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