Electronic Summer: Project Pitchfork

by Jennifer Last
Project Pitchfork

With sixteen studio albums to their credit, Project Pitchfork are seasoned veterans of the dark electro scene. The German band first hit the scene in 1990, marking their territory with innovative, hard electronics, and last year’s Blood album found them refining the stuff nightmares are made of. We asked Peter Spilles to come into the light ahead of their show.

What do you expect from the audience at Electronic Summer 2015?

I expect them to have a great time and to have a wonderful party with us.

What can the audience expect from you?

We will play a lot of Project Pitchfork songs. We’re going to start a journey through our musical universe of more than 20 years creating electro-industrial music.

Who are you looking forward to seeing on stage at this year’s ES?

They are all really worth seeing live.

Have you ever visited Sweden before?

We have played in Sweden more than once, and I have visited your beautiful country before.

If you would do a cover, like right here, right now, which song would you choose – and why?

I wouldn’t do any cover song right now; but, if you’d force me to, I’d choose “Born to Lie” by Mesh.

If you were to do a collaboration on your next album, which would be your dream artist to collaborate with?

I fulfilled my dream collaborations with my project, IMATEM. Just wait for the next IMATEM album!

From where do you get your strongest influences?

Everyday life, politics and all the other shit that’s going on.

Is there anything you’re particularly nervous of?


When should people optimally see you on stage?


When is it most suitable to listen your music?


If Project Pitchfork were on a dating site, what would the profile say?

Twenty-four years young; will show you universes you never dared to dream of.

Project Pitchfork’s official Web site: project-pitchfork.eu

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