Touching the Void Take It Slow

by coldwarnightlife

Touching the Void is a collaboration between Mark Warner of Rossetti’s Compass and Andy Oppenheimer, formerly of Oppenheimer Analysis. The project started up in 2010, when the pair were in Berlin, and has now yielded three releases. The most recent, Love, Longing and Loss (Sub Culture), is a full-length collection of down-tempo and ambient electronic music.

Oppenheimer is a member of the International Association of Bomb Technicians, so perhaps it is not surprising that the album is short on crashing rhythms and long on slow, evolving sounds. Even when Substaat and Machinista get in on the remix act, everything remains measured with sensitivity. On songs like “Parallel Lives,” the overall effect is akin to Dead Can Dance with synths.

One for those quiet moments in the evening, when the brandy is setting in.

Available now on Bandcamp.




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