Futures Past and Present

by coldwarnightlife

11026111_1557164661232008_2114553693887139942_oThrough the post comes a four-track 7″ single that plays at 33 1/3 rpm. On it are tracks recorded at The Bombshelter, the studio set up in St. Catharines, Canada by Andreas Gregor and Dave Rout (ex-Rational Youth). Each track is supplied by a different band with which Gregor or Rout has been involved. Techniques Berlin involved both of them, and so they put forward “And You” – the first time that the track has been released anywhere. Methods of Dance, one of Rout’s projects, offers “Dancing in Berlin,” recorded in 1986 and held in the vaults until now. The Beautiful Spies, the duo of Rout and Dina Naskos, are represented by “Bright Light” from their album, Just Fascination. Agents in Infrared, Gregor’s current project, weigh in with “Asleep from Years,” lifted from last year’s album, Tomorrow’s World.

The package is a carefully-assembled set of stunning minimal wave poptronica. As the needle vibrates in the groove, crisp snares and bubbling bass lines reveal the lineage of the current projects coming from The Bombshelter. The ordering information tells us that The Future Past EP is “ready for mail order. Numbered edition of 300 copies. $10 for the EP. Shipping and Handling: $4.50 for Canada, $6.00 for the US and $11.00 for the rest of the world. Paypal: dark.retro@gmail.com.”

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